Have you ever wonder what a global common is??

Well, wonder no more! Here’s a short faq about what a global common is. First of all, let’s take a look at what a common is. A common is something that  does not have a clear ownership, and even if there is an ownership, no one can stop you from using it!!! A global common is in a bigger, broader network.

So let’s have a look at some examples…

1) AIR

Air is the perfect example of a global common. No one can claim that they own our atmosphere… and no one can legally stop you from using it (Let’s not talk about suffociation or muder!)

2) Parks

Even though there are many parks in the world, local and state government would claim that the land are theirs. However, no one can legally control and stop you from entering the park or use the facility (Let’s not talk about national parks where you have to pay to enter!)

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!! What does all that got to do with ARTS2090?How does the global common got anything to do with Media?? How does global common got anything to do with publics and publishing?

Do you remember what is a global common? Something that can be used by everyone… and no one can stop you (legally anyway!) So how does it relate to global common? Easy! especially if we replace some words in our definition above… “A published item (something) that can be use by the public (everyone) an no one can stop it!” (Mertz,2010)

Can you think of an example of a daily global media common?? Still can’t? Don’t worry because in this week tutorial, we have to go out to a random area of UNSW, and research about the global media common!

My group decided to go and visit the Quad store, simply because it’s the closest building, and extremely easy to access. So we spotted that there was two tv next to the cafe… The two tv is a perfect example of a global common… The TV is there, but the owners of the Quad store can’t stop you from watching the television (Well they can turn it off… but they can’t control who gets to watch the tv, and who doesn’t!)

Another example was the background music that is constantly broadcast. Once again, the owners of the Quad store can turn off the music, but once they turn it on, they can’t control who can listen to the music, and who doesn’t!

This is how global commons affect the way we publish!! But then… how does the global commons affect the publics?? How does the public react to the global common?

From our excursion from the Quad store, we mentioned the biggest two global common – The TV and the radio! How did the customers at the Quad store interacted with the global common? Well, we found that people aren’t actually interacting with the two global common at all! The common was indeed there… and anyone could’ve interacted with the TV (paying attention and watching it!) or the music (I don’t know… dancing to the beat?) In fact… none of them seemed to paid any attention to the global common at all!

Some may say that the TV and the radio was only there as a supplementary tool that is used to create the atmosphere. However, it is discovered that people these days don’t pay too much attention to the global common! (Goldhaber, 1997), (Kinsley, 2010), (O’Malley, 2010) & (Jenkins, 2010).

One of the reason that may contribute to this huge decrease in attention to our surroundings is due to our brain. With internet, tv, radio and other sources of media, we’re exposed to over 300,000 advertisement per day!! That’s why our mind automatically filters through any useless information (NPR,2010)!

SO what have we learnt about Global Commons and how it affect the publics and publishing? First of all, we discovered that anyone can publish any material, and once the information is out… no one has control over who can access that material that we published. (SO ANYONE CAN READ THIS BLOG!!!!)

Another thing that we discovered was that unless the person is actively seeking the material that I have, then people won’t pay much attention to the things I publish!

ONE LINE SUMMARY: Anyone can access global commons, but no on really pays attention to it!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Peace out!!


About andiular

Hey guys, I like... have no idea what I'm doing... but I have to have a blog in order to pass the course, so here goes nothing! Come and visit my blog so that I can show you all about my journey through ARTS1090 !!!!
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