So I was reading this week’s text called Actor-Network Rochambeau, and I still don’t really get it… but here goes nothing. So this week’s reading is based on a book called, “Politics of Nature,” by a guy called Bruno Latour. As the author mentioned, the book is based on one central theory… The Actor-Network theory.

I guess the next question that pops up in your mind might be, “What on earth is Actor-Network Theory?” That’s a very good question. From what I got out of the article, it appears to be a thing… anything at all, that will be called an actor… and how that actor relates to another bunch of actors called a “network.” SO I guess, the Actor-Network Theory is something that tries to explain how one random thing might relate to a bunch of random things.

The author quoted from the book, “black holes, rivers, transgenic soy beans, farmers, the climate, human embryos, and humanized pigs.” According to the Actor-Network theory, they’re all in a relationship with one another… Perhaps black holes suck in rivers. Rivers wash away the transgenic soy beans, the farmers harvest the soy beans, but the climate controls how many soybeans the farmers collect… I seriously can’t think of how human embryos are related to humanized pig and the climate… so not going to try!

So we’re going to try a different one, one that is much more relatable, and one that has way less actors in the systems…. I’m talking about “Rock Scissors paper lizard spock,” from Big Bang theory. The relationship is

Scissors cuts paper, Paper cover rock, rock crushes lizard, Lizard poisons spock. Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitate lizards, Lizards eats paper, and paper disproves Spock. Spock vaporizes scissors, Rock crushes scissors….

So I decided to try it out on real life with my brother, just to see how people can cope with too many actors…

Yea… not that well… too many choices and how they’re all interrelated, it just takes too much effort and time to figure things out… so I decided to take out a few elements, and keep it to the original rock scissors paper.”

Anyway, back to how I think it might relate to publishing and perhaps codex… A problem that I immediately thought of was when a codex, or when something is published… does it contain too many actors? Does the actors relate to each other? Is there a way to simplify things? Is there a way in how we can manage the relationships in the network?

Here’s my weekly spill on the reading… I kind of tried publishing a video this time. Hope you enjoyed the video.


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