Week 2: Official VS Unofficial publishing

This week we’re comparing the different modes of publishing, and it appears that there are two major types of publishing. No. I’m not talking about the different mediums in which the publishing can occur through. I’m talking about the whether the author/s got paid recognition or not. Paid publishing appears to have many limitations and conditions for the author and another impression that I’ve got from the readings, is that publishers are requesting the authors to self-promote the book before the book gets published. Contrastingly, unpaid publishing, like twitter or online projects such as Learning to love you more publishing process is more relaxed and publishing-friendly. Users simply have to create an account, and publish their own work. (YES! 140 characters can be considered a published work as well). I also realized another different between paid and unpaid publishing. One you have to promote your work to the publishers, while the other is to promote their own work to the end-users. Can you guess which is which? I personally think if you said unpaid publishing is promoting their own work to the end-users, then you are right.

Let’s have a look at what the readings tell us:

On the Pac Macmillian publishing page, there is a list of things to do before the publisher begins to read and consider if your work should be published. It included, writing a CV, a few chapters, detailed outline and even potential market! Yes! All that work before your work even got considered!!However on the bright side… you will get 30% of the total profit (minimum by law). What do you think? Would that 30% be worth your time? Prehaps it would be if you were J.K. Rowling and sold over 11 million copies of a book in a day… However this takes heaps of time and a lot of gambling, but the effort might not pay off, as your work might not get published.

On the other end of the spectrum is the non-paid publishing. There were two examples, Twitter and Learning to love you more. I was more interest in “Learning to love you more.” The site itself was based in America, and was created by two authors. The two authors presented a question or topic to their webpage users… and during the week, the users will try to create and submit their work to the website. Recently all the work that has been published has been sold to the museums around the United States. I had a look within the site and was instantly inspired to create my own piece of artwork. I’m tempted to do project #63. I’ll create it, and publish it on this blog before week 5.

As you can see, paid and unpaid publishing will influence the creator on how much time and effort they will spend on their work.


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    Wow~ For this blog entry, I played around with hyperlinks, and well… for some reason I can’t get twitter working… but the hyperlinks are pretty useful~ so I’ll be using them from here on out.
    BTW. I’ve also posted a comment to this blog…

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